Whitt will knit!

I bought some knitting needles!!! I love to crochet, but lately I’ve been itching to try out knitting. A lot of people told me they thought crochet was better and easier, which is why I learned that first. But now I’m ready for another challenge! Also, I figured since my shop name is Knit Whitt, […]

Path of Joy

I would like to announce that I have finally finished my path! I am so excited 🙂 I had started it last spring and made a little fire pit area, and a path that led to nowhere. I had to stop because it got too hot, and then I had knee surgery. But now it […]

Pirate Table Update

I thought I’d give a little update on my pirate table that I shared with you guys. There is some good news and some bad news. During the same time period that I had started working on it, my dog started throwing up after he ate. So I looked up possible causes online, and I […]