Crochet Fedora

I’m very excited to share my latest crochet creation with you all! It took me awhile to make it because I didn’t have a pattern and life kept getting in the way. I meant to write down the pattern as I made it, but I was in the car most of the time I was making it and was unable to. So, I will have to make another and then I can share the pattern with you 🙂
Here it is in all it’s glory!


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Photo Caption Contest

Happy June everyone! At the beginning of each month I will be having some sort of contest or sweepstakes at my Facebook store, Knit Whitt. Right now there is a photo caption contest going on. All you have to do is Like my Knit Whitt page and come up with a caption for the photo posted. The photo with the most likes wins $15 credit to my shop!
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DIY Stepping Stone Stamps

I recently laid down a new path in my back yard, and I wanted to put some stepping stones down on the path that led to the play area because my children lovevto play barefoot, and the gravel path hurts without shoes! I didn’t want to have just plain stepping stones, but I also didn’t want to pay a ton of money, so I turned to Pinterest! I found this really cool idea in which you place a doily on top if the stepping stone and then spray paint. Well I couldn’t find any doilies, and I got impatient, so I came up with my own idea. I found this rad little metal sun/moon decoration and some rubber flower coasters from the Dollar Tree. I taped the gap in the sun and cut out some spots on the flowers. Then I placed them on the stepping stones and painted! I think I still like the doily idea better, but these will do for now. The best thing about painting is I can always redo it! For about $20 I got some pretty unique stepping stones, which I’m pretty stoked about 🙂




Path of Joy

I would like to announce that I have finally finished my path! I am so excited 🙂 I had started it last spring and made a little fire pit area, and a path that led to nowhere. I had to stop because it got too hot, and then I had knee surgery. But now it is done! It was a LOT of hard work digging all the dirt out and hauling hundreds of pounds of sand and rocks. Last spring I did it all by myself, which makes me feel pretty proud. This year my husband helped, which made it a lot easier and faster. I LOVE having that mans muscles around! Right now the path looks 2 toned, but that’s just because the new rocks have the dust and powder stuff all over it. Once it gets wet it will match 🙂
I still have to put in the flower bed which will be in the middle. I will have to till (I do that by hand) and build cages for the plants so the gophers don’t eat them. I’ll post when I’m done with that!
I know the rest of my yard is pretty bad looking. Between the horrible heat and the gophers, it’s a constant battle! I’m working on it though 🙂



Elmo Photo Buddy free pattern

A few of my photographer friends have mentioned how it can be difficult to keep babies happy during a photo shoot. I’m hoping this photo buddy will make it a little easier!

-Red, white, black and orange worsted weight yarn (size 4)
-I and G hook
-needle for weaving in ends

I started with this free pattern for the circle. I love how she uses elastic in it so it stretches!

Then I made the eyes and nose

Nose g hook
8 sc into magic ring
Ch 1, sc in each st, sl st to first sc.
Leave a long tail to sew onto face

Eyes I hook
With white
12 dc in magic loop, sl st to first dc.
Leave a long tail to sew onto face.

With black g hook
8 sc in magic loop, sl st to first sc.
Leave a long tail to sew onto white part.

Attach the pupils to the white circles then sew them onto the top of the red circle. Sew on the nose. I sewed the face onto the seam so it would cover it up 🙂

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You may sell any item you make but do not sell the pattern 🙂



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