DIY Up Cycled Girls Arm Warmers

Does your daughter go through leggings like crazy?! Mine does! She always gets huge holes in the knees, and then they look so trashy. What I’ve always done instead of just tossing them is cut them to make shorts. They’re perfect to wear under dresses and skirts, or just to play outside. This year I got an even better idea! Instead of throwing the bottom halves away, I turned them into arm warmers! The shape of them are already perfect, I just cut a small hole for the thumb near the end, where it would be on the ankle, and hand stitched around so it wouldn’t fray. I used my sewing machine to hem the ends as well. You can use your sewing machine for the thumb hole, I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet. 🙂 Then you can either leave them as they are or embellish them! I added little ribbon bows on one pair and some tulle on another (I couldn’t find the others to take pictures of them). My daughter loves these and I love that I got 3 uses out of a pair of pants!



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