Crochet Newborn Wrist Cuff Pattern

A few weeks ago I was looking for ideas for photo props that I could crochet and I stumbled upon a photo of a chunky little baby wearing little wrist cuffs. They were so cute and not something I’d seen before (on a newborn), I decided that would be my next project. I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I made my own. This pattern is very simple, and the best part about these little cuffs is they are very stretchy! I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
This pattern has not been tested by me, however I sent them off to a photographer and she said they were perfect! I’m still waiting on the pictures from her, I’ll update when I get them 🙂

This pattern is for a newborn, but you can easily increase the size by using a larger hook, yarn or increasing the beginning chain 🙂

If you love these but don’t want to make them, you can purchase them at my Facebook shop, Knit Whitt.

Dk/lightweight yarn
G hook

Chain 28 Sl st into 1st chain.

Round 1-4: **ch 4, skip 3 chains and sl st into 4th ch.** repeat around

Round 5-11: **ch 5, skip the next 3 chains, sl st into next.**

Tie off and weave in ends 🙂

You may sell anything you make from my patterns, but please don’t sell the pattern or use my images. Feel free to link back to my blog!




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