Kitty Cat Party

While planning my 6 year olds party, the thought dawned on me that I never posted the cat party I had for my 3 year old. Aren’t I great at this blogging thing? I didn’t make as much for this party as I did the mermaid party, but I still had a lot of fun making the piñata and a few other decorations. I made some cute cat ears and an outfit for my daughter, but right before the party started she decided to throw her last terrible two tantrum. So she had a painted nose with no whiskers, no ears and a different dress on. Oh well. She still looked purrrfect to me 🙂

 Warning: I will probably continue to use corny cat sayings 

ImageHere’s a picture of some of her fellow feline friends…Image

I made the ears out of headbands from the Dollar Tree and some self adhesive foam. Just cut the ear shape out and wrap it around the headband, then add a smaller triangle in the center. I made the tails out of boa’s that I also bought at the dollar store (I love that place!) and just safety pinned them on their behinds.

ImageSince some of the children were pretty young, I didn’t plan too many games. One of the favorites was The Mouse Hunt. I bought a bunch of plastic eggs and drew little faces, ears and tails on them. Then I filled them with 3 pennies each, and hid them all over the yard. I forgot to take pictures of the eggs up close, sorry! The kitties had a blast searching for them and were really excited to get money!

My birthday girl on the hunt


The next game we played was musical cat beds. Its the same as musical chairs but instead I used pillows and they had to crawl around. I played cat themed music like the Stray Cats.


The last thing on the list for entertainment was the piñata. This was one of my favorites since I got to get my hands dirty making it 🙂

ImageIt was fairly easy, although it does take awhile because of all the drying time. To make this all you need is:

  • punch balloon
  • newspaper strips (about 1-2 inch wide)
  • flour and water (the glue)
  • streamers 
  • self adhesive foam
  • pipe cleaners
  • wire hanger
  • liquid glue
  • tape
  • small amount of cardboard

First lay down protective cover to work on (it gets messy) then mix equal parts flour and water to make your glue. then blow up the balloon and start dipping the strips into the glue, and laying them on. Make sure the strips aren’t dripping, but are coated. After it’s completely covered, let dry (a few hours or overnight). After the first layer, I attached cardboard at the top for ears. Then I added another layer, covering part of the ears in the back so it looked more fluid. If this is for older children, you might want to add another layer. Once the last coat is dry, pop the balloon and pull it out. Then cut 3 lines into the top to create the flap for the candy and insert the hook for hanging. Now the decorating! Starting at the top, wrap the streamer around the head in rows and glue. You can either cut the fringe on the streamers before or after you attach them to the piñata. Then cut eyes, nose and mouth out of the foam. The whiskers I attached with super glue before I put the nose on top of them. And that’s all! It was my first piñata, but I think it turned out pretty good. 

My girls getting ready to bust open the kitty….Image

 For food I had a little bit of fun. I knew the one thing I really wanted to serve was some sort of kitty litter. Its gross, but that stuff still cracks me up…. I blame it on my big brother 🙂 I also served chex mix and goldfish in kitty food bowls (brand new, $ store), some fruit because I feel like I need to balance out all the junk, and took the easy way with pizza for the main course.

The Kitty Litter (chocolate pudding covered with crushed graham cracker and chocolate)ImageI would like to give my very talented and creative brother the credit for the wonderful poo masterpieces. Without him, the litter box wouldn’t have been the same!

The kitties loved it!Image  

The last treat we had was the cake. I’m not a master of baking or anything close so I hope you aren’t expecting anything fancy. This is an easy way to make a child-pleasing cat cake for all the fellow non-baking/cake decorating moms out there.


  All I did was bake 2 round cakes, stack them and stick 2 triangle graham crackers in the top for the ears. Then I coated it with purple icing. I used a huge marshmallow for the nose and tongue, chocolate twizzlers for the whiskers, and a cake ball cut in half for the eyes.

So that was our kitty party, and I must say, it was the cat’s meow 😉


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