New Chairs!!!

About a year ago my husband came home with a new dining table for me. I was so happy because I had been wanting one for awhile. The only thing was, now I needed new chairs. So I’ve been looking, on and off for awhile, at thrift stores and garage sales and last week I found some! Only 2 though 😦 but hey, it’s a start! Not to mention I only paid $20 for them! I knew I was going to refinish them, but wasn’t sure how. I have been wanting to add more color to my home, but it scares me. I’m a very neutral kind of gal. But I took a leap and painted them yellow! I stained the seats brown so it will tie in with the table. The color is growing on me and I’m kind of proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m thinking I’m going to make the other 2 chairs (when I find them) blue. With how long it took me just to get these chairs, I’d say I have awhile to think about it!



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