Go Fly a Kite (spring is here)

I have never enjoyed spring as much as I have this year. I became a homeowner almost 2 years ago, so I’ve put more effort into my yard than I did when I was renting. To quote Mike Ness, my yard was basically “tumble weeds and dust” when I first moved in.
mike ness<

It has taken a lot of trial and error, and dead plants, to figure out what will grow here. I live in a desert climate, which is completely new to me, not to mention I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. My momma, who lives with me, is pretty good at creating beautiful gardens, and she has been a lot of help. It has been nice just hanging out, getting dirty, and laughing at all our foolishness together. She often compares us to Laurel and Hardy…

Oh did I mention another problem I have? GOPHERS!!!
funny gopher
They have eaten and killed so many of my plants, I have lost count. When they aren’t eating my plants and flowers, they are busy burrowing tunnels, which in turn creates large holes in my grass. I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of them, but nothing works. I’ve even tried stoning and spearing them (yes I just said that), but when I go to throw whatever object I have in hand, I scream and miss my target. I don’t want to actually see the little rodents get killed (that stuff grosses me out) I just want them gone.
But I love to get dirty and watch the changes I have made with my own hands, so it’s been a lot of fun and I keep on digging.

I will someday show pictures of what I have accomplished so far, but fisrt I need to find some before pictures, so the after pictures will actually look good.


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