Valentines Day Surprise

For the past few months my daughter has been begging me for her own dog. I kept telling her that dogs are a lot of work, and I am not wanting to take on another responsibility right now. I told her if she wanted her own dog (which won’t be happening for awhile) she would have to show me she can be responsible by taking care of our Diesel boy. So for the past few months she has been feeding him, brushing him and (attempting to) teach him new tricks. I didn’t really have any intention of getting her a dog anytime in the near future, which I told her a few times, but then the idea started growing on me. So I started researching the best small-medium dog breed for children. I wanted to get a dog that she would be able to walk because I have a hard enough time walking my lab as it is. I finally decided I wanted a shih tzu. The catch was that I was not going to pay a ton of money for one. I either wanted one from a shelter, or from someone who was about to take theirs to a shelter. Not only do I not like spending a load of money on pets, but there are already so many dogs out there in need of homes, I don’t want to support breeders who are just trying make a buck. Two days before valentines day I was looking on my local shelters webpage and was very surprised when I saw that they had recently received 3 shih tzu! I called them immediately and they told me that one had been adopted, but they still had 2 available. I was there within 15 minutes! I told them I was there to see the shih tzus, and they told me that they had all been adopted. Apparently I had been misinformed. Argh, I was a bit angry and disappointed. Nevertheless, I decided to just walk around and see what else was there. That’s when I saw this sweet and very scraggly little dog. I read her info, and saw she was a one year old terrier that was a stray. I didn’t know much about terriers, so I moved on. I walked by her a few more times, and each time she was just sitting there so sweetly, looking out the window. I finally asked if I could meet with her. Lets just say I fell in love immediately! She was very playful, but did not once bite, and she calmed down very quickly and just wanted to cuddle with me. I was told she wasn’t ready for adoption yet, but I could come get her on Valentines Day. I wasn’t 100% sure if I should get her because she was a stray, and they didn’t know much about her. So I prayed about it for the next 2 days and on Valentines Day I brought her home. Both of my girls were so surprised and happy! And God did not steer me wrong (He never does). She is potty trained, doesn’t bite, gets along well with our lab, and LOVES to cuddle! We still haven’t decided on her name, the girls keep going back forth between Sadie and Scout, but we’ll figure it out soon. I don’t know how someone could let her go, but I’m glad they did because she was made for our family!




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