Ahh, reflections

This morning I was reflecting on my life and thinking about how God has blessed me so greatly. I have an amazing husband who loves us and will do anything for his family, 2 adorable girls who bring me so much joy, and keep my life very interesting. A crazy, dysfunctional family whom I wouldn’t be able to live without, and know I can count on for anything! Because of my husband, I became a homeowner at the age of 24. Before I met him, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever own a home, let alone a large house with a huge backyard! My most recent blessing is God giving me the ability to crochet. I enjoy this craft so much, and I have been able to start my own business, while staying at home to take care of my family. Not to mention the fact that my little fashionistas can pick out what they want me to make, and wear it later that day! When I think about everything that I have been given in life, I am blown away. I am so incredibly thankful to God for not only sending His son Jesus to die for me (which would’ve been more than enough), but blessing me with everything I’ve ever wanted in life.



2 thoughts on “Ahh, reflections

  1. Ah you have a very beautiful family! I love your site! And I just wanted to thank you for sharing all your great ideas and free patterns!
    God Bless you!

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