Pirate Table Makeover

A few years back, my sister bought me this really cool pirate mosaic, that’s supposed to be hung on a wall. However, the artist attached it to cement, so it’s way to heavy to hang. So I thought I’d make a table out of it. A friend of mine sanded some wood into the shape of bones, and screwed them together to form the base. Then I stained the wood, and nail glued the mosaic to the top. Being the novice stainer I was back then, I did it wrong, and pretty much just painted the stain on. I also didn’t choose a very good color. So, after 2 years of it sitting in my garage, I’ve finally decided to refinish it! I forgot to take a before picture, but here is a during. You can see a drip mark on one of the legs, and the color is kind of a shiny, reddish brown. To replace that, I will be using a deep espresso brown, which is my new favorite, and I think a lot classier. Plus, this color is easier to match with other decor, which is a must for me because I’m horrible at matching! I should have this ready to stain by the end of the day. Then it will be ready for staining! I will post the finished product soon!




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