Crochet for my kiddos

Well I have been continuing to advance in my crochet skills, and really enjoying myself as I learn! I spent about 2 weeks making quite a few items for family and friends, and every time I started a new project, my children would ask, “Is that for me?!”. Well, I was getting a little heartbroken, telling them no so many times and seeing a little disappointment in their faces, so I put all projects aside and made up a few items for my little monkeys. I let them pick out what they wanted me to make, and I set to work. Kiley Lou picked an infinity scarf and head warmer and Cadence picked a penguin hat. The infinity scarf is just a miniature version of the ones I had made before, and the head warmer is basically a loop of single crotchets. I love how Cadence’s hat turned out, although there was a little bit of trial and error. I found the free pattern here. It’s fairly easy to understand, and she has instructions for all different ages. I only wish she put the measurement for each age group a well, but hey, I can’t have it all! Oh, I also omitted the ear flaps on my daughters penguin hat because she freaks when hats cover her ears. What can I say? She’s two! Next up is a panda hat for Kiley Lou, an maybe one day I will make something for myself!





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