Adventures with Sparky

As some of you may know, we joined the Elf on the Shelf movement this year. I thought I would be totally fine figuring out what to do with our little elf, but it turns out, I kind of failed this year. It started out pretty good. In fact my 2 favorite events that took place with Sparky (our elf) were when she was eating my 2 year olds Halloween candy, and the following day when she was face down in one of my girls pretend toilets, throwing up from too much candy. Although I have to say I didn’t completely think that first one through. As soon as my 2 year saw that Sparky was eating her candy, she started crying. Oops! After the few creative adventures that Sparky went through, she was starting to get forgotten. Not by my children of course, but by me. I found myself waking up early with my first thought being, “I forgot to move Sparky!”. I would rush down before my girls got downstairs and try to think of something to do with her, and of course, draw blanks. So she usually ended up just sitting on something. I believe that’s what the elf’s original purpose was, but weirdo moms like myself had to take it further and make them do all kinds of crazy activities. So in that sense, I failed miserably. There were even a few times that I didn’t move her until after the girls came down. I thought I got away with them no noticing, I was wrong. What blows me away is that children want to believe so badly, they come with reasons why our elf hasn’t yet moved. Or why our elf stayed 2 days after Christmas when she was supposed to be back at the North Pole. Like I said before, I failed miserably! But there is still hope for me, as we have next year to continue our exciting adventures with Sparky.





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