Elf on the Shelf Skirt

My girls are really girly girls, so I thought they’d like it if their elf was too. I saw online that you can buy a skirt for $7 or more. I wasn’t about to spend that much on a piece of felt, especially since I had everything I needed to make one. Here is what you need:

•7-8 in diameter of white felt
•hot glue gun
• additional embellishments (optional)

First I cut the felt into a 7 inch circle. My finished skirt was a little tight, so you may want to make yours a bit bigger. Next I cut a 3 inch circle in the center.

Then I pinned little pleats all the way around, and glued those into place.

I just bought Christmas ribbon yesterday from the dollar bin at Target, so I use that to glue around the waist.

The last thing I did was glue crystal button all over it. You can add whatever you want to it, skip the pleats, or sew instead of glue.

It’s a simple project with tons of possibilities. Get creative and make it your own! If you do skip the pleats, you will need to make the circle a bit smaller, as you won’t be folding it. I haven’t attached the skirt in the back yet, I’m waiting until tonight so I can put the skirt on Sparky, then glue it together. You can use velcro, a clasp or buttons if you don’t want to glue yours together.



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