My Gift from God

There is no way I could ever doubt that there is a God, for he continues to prove himself to me everyday. One big way he does this is through my six year old daughter. To start off with, it was a high risk pregnancy, however she was born perfectly healthy. Not only healthy, but she was one of the happiest babies ever, and she loved everyone (still does)! She was also extremely smart. She was babbling the word mama at 3 months old, and talking and walking (or should i say running) by 10 months old. Yes, she kept me very busy! Many years later, she is still a highly intelligent, energetic (big) bundle of joy. She has moderate hearing loss, but we didnt get the correct diagnosis, and her hearing aids until this past summer. She has been in the top of her class since she started school, and the first 2 years she was excelling even though she could barely hear. Now I know that all moms brag about their children, but even her teachers and doctors say how amazing it is that she was doing so well without hearing aids. I’ve told you about how smart and happy she is, but the main reason I started this was to share her love of Jesus! Every Sunday, she is up and dressed for church before I even wake up. On thanksgiving, while I was making food, I said to her “so Kiley Lou, what are you thankful for?”. Her response? “I’m thankful for Jesus!”. Later on when asked the same question by my dad, she elaborated a bit more by saying she was thankful for Jesus, His love, and that He loves all of us. She is always initiating prayers, and singing worship songs to Jesus. Yesterday morning I gave her her weekly allowance ($3), and she said she was giving $2 to her church. It blew me away how a six year old could so completely understand how to love Jesus, so unselfishly and without any hesitations. I now understand why the Bible says in Matthew 18:3 (New World Translation) “Truly I say to you, Unless You turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens.” I, along with most adults, could really learn from her display of faith.


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