Christmas Tree Trunk Ornament

This year we made our annual trek to the Christmas tree lot a bit early. My husband will be gone until the middle of December, and I didn’t want to wait until then to put up our tree. When I was little, I used to love going to Christmas tree lots. My brother, sister and I would run around playing hide and seek in the trees. The lot we go to now has them already wrapped up and laying on their sides, so I feel like I’m robbing my children of the same joys that I had, but the trees are really big and cheap, so I continue to go there. While our tree was getting the trunk cut, it reminded me of how my siblings and I would collect as many of the little trunk discs as we could, and then throw them at each other like ninja stars (we grew up in martial arts, so that kind of thing was normal for us). As I was thinking of that, a sudden thought appeared. How awesome would it be to make those discs into ornaments? It certainly would be putting them to better use than ninja stars. So, I shall attempt to make one. I think I may even make this an annual thing. Although in 20 years or so, our tree may look a little odd covered in them.


One thought on “Christmas Tree Trunk Ornament

  1. Great idea! I hope you will post a pic of your ornament when you finish. Our annual trek to the forest to cut is way-laid by the “storm of the century” so we’re heading out to a lot this weekend to buy one for the first time in years. I will think of you when I see those little ninja stars!

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