Mermaid/Ocean Themed Party

This year, I asked my then 5 year old daughter what kind of party she wanted to have. Her face instantly lit up, as she LOVES parties! She was especially suprised by the question seeing as her birthday was still 2 months away! My husband was deployed to Afghanistan for a few months, and I needed to find something to keep me busy to help pass the time, so I figured I would start planning her party early. After a few hours of deliberation and looking online, we decided on a Barbie Mermaid Tale party. She had never actually seen the movie, but she had recently received the book and loved it. Plus I figured any 6 year old girly girl would love anything that combined Barbies and mermaids, right?
The first step was googling Barbie Mermaid Tale party…. and finding pretty much nothing! I figured out quickly that this was not going to just be a trip to Party City to buy the licensed character party supplies, because there are none! So I had to get creative, and make everything myself, which turned out to be a lot of work, and a lot of fun! Here are all the decorations I made for her party, with some pictures and directions, so that you can create an ocean wonderland for your little mermaid or fishy.


This is not the best picture because at the time when I took it, I had no idea I would be using it for a blog! Here is a list of the items you will need to make this banner yourself:
  • letter stencils
  • scrapbook paper or cardstock (some patterned and some plain)
  • ribbon or string
  • scrapbooking scissors (decorative edge scissors) and regular scissors
  • hole punch
  • glue
  • fishing line (optional)
  • lighter
The first thing I did was to figure out whether or not I wanted to use the patterned paper for the letters, or the squares. As you can see I chose it for the squares that the letters would be mounted too. I thought it was easier to read the letters that way, but its up to you on how you want to put it together. I was very fortunate to have all the scrapbook paper that I needed, and they were bright colors, some with flowers and some with stripes, that matched the decor. I chose 3 different styles of patterned paper for the background squares, and 2 solid colors for the letters, and then created an alternating pattern. The next step was using my stencils (bought at Walmart) to trace the letters, and then I cut them out. After that I took my decorative edged scissors and cut squares out of the patterned paper that were slightly larger than the letters. Then I glued the letters onto the squares. The last steps were to put a hole in the top 2 corners, but make sure they aren’t too close to the edge or it could rip. Then I tied the squares together with ribbon, or you can use string, tying the not in the back so that you don’t see it. Make sure you singe the end of the ribbon with a lighter so that they don’t fray. To hang up the sign, I tied the fishing line to a hole on each side of the sign. The end result were 2 signs, one that read Happy Birthday and the other was Kiley Lou! I hung the Happy Birthday sign above the Kiley Lou! In hind sight, I wish I would have laminated them before tying them together with the ribbon, that way it would last longer!

Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers were the only decoration that actually had Barbie on them. I found the images online by Googling Barbie Mermaid Tale Stickers, or you can follow this link I also made a few with a purpke 6 on them. I just printed them onto white paper and cut them into circles. Then I cut circles out of blue, pink and purple scrapbook paper using my decorative edge scissors and glued them together. The last step was hot gluing them onto wooden dowels that I purchased at Walmart, and can be found at most craft stores.


These jellyfish are my second favortie decoration for the undersea party. Which is good because they took the longest to make! I used blue styrofoam bowls that I found at the 99 cents only store. Now here is the easy, yet time-consuming step. I painted little circles of all different sizes all over them. I used acrylic paint, which unfortunately needed to be recoated 3 times to make it dark enough. I guess some round stickers would also work, but I’m not sure how well they would stick to the styrofoam. The next thing I did was cut strips of streamers and ribbon (the kind used for presents) in varying lengths and taped them to the inside. I chose streamers that matched the circles on the body, and used silver or white ribbon, which I curled slightly. The last step was to poke a hole in the top and push fishing line through, tying a knot on the inside so it stays. I used that fishing line and tape to hang them all over the house. I ended up making about 20 jellyfish, staying with the color scheme of purple, pink and blue.


The sandcastle that I made is definitely my favorite party decoration for the party! It actually wasn’t that hard to make either, and made a beautiful centerpiece! First I gathered my supplies: playground sand (can be found at Home Depot or other hardware stores), liquid glue, food coloring, and a paintbrush. To make the body, I used a few different kinds of objects to create the shape: toilet paper and paper towel rolls, coffee cans and yogurt tubs. Depending on the shape you want, you can also use cardboard boxes like cereal or cracker boxes. First, I stacked and taped 3 coffee cans together. The bottome coffee can was the kind with a built in handle, which created the indents on the front. Then I stacked and taped the yogurt container on top of the coffee cans. I cut the paper towel rolls so they would be different sizes, then taped those to the coffee cans. I did the same with the toilet paper rolls, and taped those to the top of the yogurt container. To make the wavy turrets that are at the tops of each section, I just cut some card board and taped it on to the coffee can and yogurt container. Now the fun part!!!! Get a bucket (or some kind of container with a lid) and dump a good amount (probably a few cups) of sand in it. Then pour a ton of glue into the sand and mix. The consistency needs to be like thick paint. You can either keep it natural looking or add some color to it. I wanted to make a pink (my daughter’s favorite color) sandcastle, so I added red food coloring, a few drops at a time, until I got the color I wanted. If you are using color, it’s best to make a bunch at one time, that way you won’t have to match the color when you make more. Once you get the right color and consistency, lay your sand castle on its side. This project can get kind of messy, so it’s a good idea to have some sort of tarp or old sheet to work on. Get a glob of the sand mixture on your paint brush and start painting your castle! At first, the mixture will be a little difficult to spread, but keep brushing it back and forth and it will start to stick. Do one whole side and let it dry. This usually takes a few hours, which is why you need a lid for your container, so the rest of the sand mixture doesn’t dry up. Once the first side is dry, carefully turn it over and do the other side. Let that side dry. You may need to go back and touch up some spots, I know I did! For the perfect finishing touches, I hot glued on shells that my mom had collected from the beach. You can also buy them if you don’t live near the ocean!
There were a some other decorations I made that I didn’t take pictures of. I hung balloon fish, which were super easy to make. I just cut fins and eyes out of scrapbook paper and taped them on, then hung them with fishing line (kind of ironic). I hung the jellyfish and balloon fish from the ceiling, all over my house. I also hung some from my ceiling fan, and set it on low, so they were spinning (it was really cute!).
A few other things I made were a huge pink dolphin, and two big surfboards that I had cut out of cardboard
boxes and painted. I bought a roll of teal plastic table cloth from Party City and cut it into strips, and hung them all over my dining room to make teal walls. Then I made “seaweed” out of lime green, and dark blue streamers. I also made some fishes out of patterned scrapbook paper and hung them all over the wall. I made our dining room “under the sea” and my living room Hawaii, since the Barbie Mermaid Tale story takes place in Hawaii. I was EXTREMELY lucky when it came to the decorations for the Hawaiian room. My mom found a huge tub of lua theme decorations at a garage sale for only $5!!!!! My step-mom also had quite a few luau decorations which came in quite handy!
For the entertainment, we played limbo, had a dolphin pinata and played a version of hot potato. Instead of a potato, we used a fish stuffed animal. I also had Hawaiian music playing in the background throughout the party.
When it came to the food, I got a little lazy, but I was exhausted from hanging all the decorations!!! We bought pizza, and served goldfish, a hawaiian pasta salad, hummus with pita bread and tropical fruit.
All in all, I think the party was a huge success! I know my daughter had a blast, and everyone was in awe of all the decorations. As much as I enjoyed making the decorations, it took a lot of time, and I believe I have set the bar way too high for all the future birthday parties!

4 thoughts on “Mermaid/Ocean Themed Party

  1. Hi. I love the sand castle you made! I was just wondering what type of glue did you use mixed with the sand? Thanks!

      • OK, great! I just finished building and taping everything together. Tomorrow I’ll be attempting the sand mixture. I’m kinda nervous lol. A barbie mermaid tale party is quite the request. I thank you for such creative ideas!

      • You are very welcome! I’m glad I could be of help đŸ™‚ The sand part is the best, but can be quite messy! Don’t be nervous, just have fun with it!

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